Bunion Treatment Options
March 07, 2022
Category: Foot Conditions
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How your podiatrist in Marietta, GA, can help you get relief from bunion pain.

If you have a bunion, you are not alone. In fact, over half of the women in the United States have suffered from bunion pain. Fortunately, your podiatrist knows just what to do for a bunion.

Dr. Ketan Patel at Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia, in Marietta, GA, provides a wide range of foot care services, including options to treat bunions and help you get relief from bunion pain.

Bunions look like a large, bony bump on the side of your big toe. They are caused by a genetic bone deformity and are made worse by wearing shoes that are too narrow.

Narrow, pointed-toe shoes crush the toes together, causing the big toe joint to jut outward. The surface of the joint rubs against the inside of your shoe, causing friction, irritation, and eventually, bunion formation.

Small bunions can often be treated at home, if you:

  • Place an ice pack on the bunion area for a few minutes daily
  • Place inserts inside your shoes to provide cushioning for the bunion
  • Tape the bunion to provide support for the bunion
  • Take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory and pain medication as needed

Moderate to large bunions which are painful should be treated by your podiatrist. You should visit your podiatrist for a foot exam, which will include x-rays to see how much bone is involved in the bunion.

Your podiatrist will develop a treatment plan to eliminate the bunion and help you get relief from bunion pain. Your treatment plan may include:

  • Taking off corns and calluses to reduce friction
  • Custom orthotics or splints to properly realign your toe and foot
  • Physical therapy to help you regain flexibility and mobility

If your bunion is large, painful, and has substantial bone involvement, your podiatrist may recommend surgery to remove the bunion. The goal of bunion surgery, known as a bunionectomy, is to realign your foot and toe.

You don’t have to live with bunion pain. You can get relief with just a simple phone call. To find out more about bunion treatment options, call Dr. Ketan Patel at Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia, in Marietta, GA. You can reach him at (770) 952-5300, so call today.