Which Bunion Treatment Is Right for Me?
By Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia
May 23, 2019
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Bunions  

Do your bunions make it difficult to walk easily or even wear shoes? Treatments offered by your Marietta, GA, podiatrists, Drs. Ketan Patel,bunions Stephen Barrett and Sequioa DuCasse of Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia (formerly Windy Hill Podiatry Associates) can help relieve your pain.

Bunion treatments and strategies

If your bunion isn't painful or only causes mild pain, you may benefit by trying one or more of these treatments or strategies:

  • Toe Exercises: Exercises, such as picking up a towel or marble with your toes, can help keep your big toe flexible and decrease stiffness.
  • Over-the-Counter Medication: Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, naproxen sodium and other over-the-counter medications offer pain relief. Some medications also decrease inflammation.
  • Pads: Adhesive pads protect and cushion your bunions. The pads can also prevent calluses from forming if your toes begin to overlap.
  • Weight Loss: If you're overweight, losing a few pounds can decrease pressure on your foot and ease bunion symptoms.
  • New Shoes: Wearing tight shoes or high heels can worsen your bunions and increase pain. Choose shoes that offer plenty of room in the toe box and are wide enough to accommodate your bunion.
  • Orthotics: Your Marietta foot doctor may recommend prescription shoe inserts to improve the alignment of your foot and decrease pain.

If these measures don't help, surgery may be an option. Surgery can be helpful if:

  • Conservative treatment methods haven't been effective.
  • Your pain interferes with your daily activities.
  • Your big toe overlaps your other toes.
  • Your big toe is stiff or constantly swollen or inflamed.

Surgery removes the bunions and inflamed tissues and corrects the alignment of your big toe joint. A variety of surgical techniques are used to treat bunions. The best type of surgery for you will depend on the severity of your bunion and your symptoms.

Ease your painful bunion symptoms with a visit to the foot doctor. Call your Marietta, GA, podiatrists, Drs. Ketan Patel, Stephen Barrett and Sequioa DuCasse of Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia (formerly Windy Hill Podiatry Associates) at (770) 952-5300 to schedule an appointment.