How to prevent Toenail Fungus
By Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia - Windy Hill Podiatry
February 09, 2022
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If you’re suffering from or want to prevent toenail fungus in Marietta, GA, Dr. Ketan Patel at Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia can provide the preventative care and treatment you need.

8 Tips for Preventing Toenail Fungus in Marietta, GA

Toenail fungus can be irritating, uncomfortable, and hard to get rid of, but it can be prevented by following a few tips.

1. Keep Your Feet Clean

Washing your feet with simple soap and water each day helps keep fungus at bay. Clean thoroughly, including between your toes and around the nails. Dry them well before putting on shoes, as the dampness can contribute to the growth of fungus.

2. Keep Your Tub Clean

Tubs tend to stay wet, which allows the fungus to grow. Make it a habit to scrub your shower regularly to kill any potential fungus spores.

3. Always Wear Shoes in Public

Going barefoot at home is one thing. However, when in public, such as in the gym and pool showers, you should wear something on your feet. Moist areas like these are a breeding ground for fungus, so it’s imperative that you protect your feet.

4. Wear the Right Shoes

When your toes are scrunched up in your shoes, they can be damaged and susceptible to trauma. This can increase the chance of fungus growing. It’s important that you wear shoes that give your toes plenty of space. You should also wear shoes that allow your feet to breathe so that they stay dry.

5. Trim Your Nails

Long nails increase the chance of trauma to the toes. Keep them trimmed straight across to reduce the chance of injury.

6. Change Your Footwear Regularly

Try to alternate your shoes so that you are not wearing the same pair two days in a row. This will give them the chance to air out. Also, be sure that you change your socks daily.

7. Use Powder

The medicated anti-fungal powder can prevent fungus from growing and spreading. It can also help keep your feet dry. Add the powder directly to your feet and inside your shoes, especially on hot days or days when you're working out.

8. Visit Your Podiatrist

Regular visits to Dr. Patel can help keep an eye out for warning signs of fungus. He can help with preventative measures, condition-specific recommendations, and any necessary treatment.

Let Dr. Patel at the Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia help prevent or treat your toenail fungus in Marietta, GA by calling (770) 952-5300 or (678) 561-9000 for an appointment today.