Benefits of Having A Foot Doctor
By Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia - Windy Hill Podiatry
December 29, 2020
Category: Foot Care
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If your car had a flat tire, would an air-conditioning specialist fix it? Silly question, isn't it? However, the same idea applies to caring for your podiatric health. There are many benefits to seeing a highly trained foot doctor, such as Dr. Ketan Patel in Marietta, GA. At Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia, he provides preventive care and treatment of a wide range of foot and ankle problems.

Your feet...

They are more complex than you may think. Composed of 26 separate bones and a staggering array of ligaments, tendons and muscles, your feet bear tremendous stresses. As such, a lot can go wrong with them--arthritis, reduced circulation, ingrown toenails, bunions, sore arches and more.

When you should see a foot doctor

The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeon (ACFAS) urges adults of all ages to see a podiatrist routinely--at least once a year--for a hands-on podiatric examination. This is particularly important for diabetics or others who have conditions that compromise motion, place undue stresses on the feet and ankles or reduce circulation and sensation.

So, be sure to contact Dr. Ketan Patel at Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia if you:

  • Sprain or break a toe, foot or ankle
  • Have persistent athlete's foot or fungal nails
  • Develop a bunion, heel spur, or other deformities
  • Are diabetic or have a degenerative condition, such as arthritis
  • Stand for prolonged periods of time for your job
  • Have persistent pain in your feet, ankles or legs
  • See a change in the color, temperature or texture of skin on your lower extremities
  • Have corns, calluses, or warts (do not attempt at-home surgery)
  • Begin a new, and vigorous, exercise routine or sport
  • Need a recommendation for shoes or require inserts (orthotics) to protect or correct a wound, gait issue, or deformity
  • A serious laceration or infected wound

We can help

At Ankle and Foot Centers of Georgia, Dr. Patel performs many procedures, therapies, and other podiatric treatments in his state of the art facility. We have state of the art MRI imaging, endoscopic surgeries and provide physical therapy as needed.

For comprehensive foot and ankle care, contact our Marietta, GA, office for a consultation with this experienced foot doctor. Your feet and ankles are so worth it. Phone us at (770) 952-5300.